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At Hart & David LLP we have dedicated ourselves to individuals and businesses in the Chicago-Metro area. As an Illinois and Chicago-Metro law firm, we assist the people that make this city great and are proud to be part of our surrounding community. If you are interested in speaking to one of our attorneys about your personal or business matter, call us at 630-395-9496 for a free consultation. Also, please feel free to complete our website contact form and one of our attorneys will return your call shortly.

We are pleased to provide legal services that encompass a full-range of the law, including:

– Business & Corporate Governance
– Estate Planning & Asset Protection
– Litigation & Arbitration
– Real Estate
– Personal Injury, and
– Workers Compensation

Our Mission – Building on the Chicago Tradition! 

Our mission is to provide expert legal assistance to clients regardless of what stage of their life they or their business may be in. Whether you own a Chicago startup, are an individual looking for tailored legal advice, or are a large scale Illinoiscorporation, our attorneys structure their services to suit your need – and there is no such thing as a case that is too small or too big for our firm.

While we may represent some of the largest companies in Chicago, we also represent the small business owners that make Chicago so unique. Our unique billing method helps small businesses receive the same corporate litigation and general counsel as a large Chicago corporation, but without any financial strain.

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Business Law & Corporate Governance

Companies throughout the Chicago-Metro area have benefited from the services of Hart & David’s business attorneys. No matter the issue at hand, we have the experience and legal knowledge required to help you through it.

Given the thoroughly eclectic nature of business law, having a full-service law firm on your side will help you avoid the pitfalls that spell the doom of many companies. Hart & David can help you with skilled legal advising and representation in the many aspects involved in business law. Our practice areas cover a wide variety of structural, operational, and financial issues.

Strategic Business Planning & Structure

The operations, contracts, finances, and marketing practices your business depends on all need to be well thought out as well as fully compliant with business law regulations. These regulations are varied and complex, and different laws may apply to your business depending on its structure.

The legal advising you need in the course of your planning and structuring processes will likewise need to be attuned to your company’s size and specific needs. Hart & David can provide the specific advising you need by providing years of legal experience along with personalized approaches to the issues you face.

Intellectual Property, Licensing & Trademark

Intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, licenses, and copyrighted material, is carefully protected by federal law. Your company needs legal protection to safeguard its IP assets and maintain its unique, competitive spot in the market.

Knowing the rightful use of intellectual property is also key to being able to avoid the resource-draining effects of copyright, patent, and trademark litigations. The processes of researching and drafting agreements on the fair use of IP are highly legal in nature, and thus require help from attorneys who are highly experienced in that area of the law. Ensuring compliance with IP laws and resolving disputes form just a sampling of what an IP attorney can provide for you.

Corporate Governance & Securities Regulation

Bonds, stocks, and other financial instruments are all subject to complex federal and state regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure that corporations maintain a healthy presence in the community while protecting the interests of their various stakeholders. Securities regulations are set forth by the SEC, and are constantly evolving to keep up with business practices and marketplace conditions.

Business governance standards have the end goal of promoting integrity in the way companies are run, how power is balanced among leadership, and how their actions impact the community. These standards include guidelines on how directors, board members, managers, and shareholders should act within a company, and thus become a matter of legal concern.

Without adequate legal representation, these regulations and standards can quickly become overwhelming to a company as it faces complex compliance and litigation issues. Our purpose is to help businesses maintain their compliance with federal and state law to make sure trades and governance practices fully benefit the company.

Private Funds & Investment Management

While private funds are often exempt from many of the standards set forth for securities, there are still legal matters to attend to when investing in these types of financial instruments. As a full service business law firm, we help you manage your investments in private funds including real estate funds, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and mutual funds. Keeping within the limits of federal standards is crucial to successful investment management, and to do that, you need Hart & David on your side.

Our services include help structuring investments and private funds, negotiation of contracts, representation when buying and selling, drafting documents, tax law advising, due diligence, and legal analysis of funds and investment portfolios.

Proprietary Trading Firms

Successful trading not only requires a diverse investment portfolio, but it also needs to be fully compliant with legal regulations. Knowing what those regulations are and the extent to which they apply to your proprietary trading firm is not simple, however. Often, it requires extensive experience working with securities and trading laws. Our legal representatives provide the expertise you need in order to meet SEC, FINRA, and CFTC standards.

We can advise you on regulatory compliance, due diligence, tax planning, and the other elements involved in employing a variety of trading strategies, from statistical arbitrage to global macro analysis. These services include document drafting, agreement negotiations, and help establishing trading practices.

Technology, Entrepreneurial, and Small Business Ventures

Investing in new technologies, entrepreneurial pursuits, and small businesses is key to the growth of companies both small and large and helps foster a healthy business environment within the community. With the heavy regulations in place on how these ventures are managed, the assistance provided by Hart & David goes a long way toward avoiding legal pitfalls and ensuring success.

Regulations don’t stop at the investing level either. Entrepreneurs need to be aware of the laws governing all aspects of starting a new business, including intellectual property regulations, operational standards, HR and discrimination laws, manufacturing standards and regulations, and securities regulations, to name a few.

Venture Capital

The risky nature of venture capital is only more so if you do so without an understanding of the legal restrictions in place. Skilled legal counseling to help maintain compliance with SEC regulations is a must for venture capitalists and the recipients of venture capital funding. These standards include regulations on reporting, registration, investing practices, securities trading, and advertising limitations. Helping you with the what, when, and how is what we do.

With us to represent you, tasks such as deal negotiations, contract drafting, and dispute resolution become much less of a strain on your resources. We can help you take advantage of the growing potential manifest in venture capital opportunities.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Every business we serve in the Chicago-Metro area has its own unique needs. Our services and billing methods are tailored to fit your specific legal circumstances, whether you are a startup seeking funding or a large corporation with complex corporate governance issues.

We represent our clients with aggressive, well-researched negotiations and dispute resolution while also providing legal advising on the numerous regulatory aspects of running a business. To learn more about how we have benefited our clients or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Your wealth has a great deal of value, not only for you, but for your family, your heirs, the government, creditors, employees, neighbors, disgruntled customers, and virtually anyone else who might see your assets as a worthy target. You need effective legal strategies to secure your wealth against the myriad of forces that would take it away from you, but making those strategies work is a complex process all on its own. To make sure it all works out properly, you need an attorney to help you.

Hart & David provides business owners, private clients, real estate investors, healthcare professionals, and others in the Chicago-Metro area with skilled asset protection and estate planning services. Our attorneys are committed to helping you secure your assets against heavy losses due to taxes, lawsuits, and other liabilities, whether you are a wealthy corporate business owner, a partner in a small LLC, or simply someone looking for a way to keep your personal savings secure.

Private Client Services

Investors, entrepreneurs, private business owners, and other private clients all benefit from our estate planning and asset protection services. Our lawyers can help you set up the asset protection plans, estate planning strategies, and investment management practices needed to ensure your wealth is kept where you need it—in your own pockets. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high net worth or not since our services are designed to meet your specific budget and financial needs.

Estate Planning

Making sure your estate is well managed and passed on to the right people after your passing is highly important, and it requires a great deal of legal expertise. Hart & David provides you with a full array of estate planning services to help you implement multiple strategies, including:

Executive succession planning: Making sure your business is in good hands is not only important to protecting your legacy, but it also helps ensure business continuity and security while you are alive. Executive succession planning takes a variety of factors into account, including planning for illness, executing training and advancement procedures, and dispute resolution, to name a few.

Charitable foundations and trusts: Charitable foundations must operate within the limits of governance standards and tax laws to be successful. Forming and funding foundations and trusts for charitable purposes requires a working knowledge of how federal and state regulations come into play.

Marital agreements: Divorces happen, and a marital agreement can help protect your assets and keep them in the family. Even if you don’t anticipate separating from a spouse, having a legal outline of what financial responsibilities you and your spouse have is still important.

Generation skipping and dynasty trust tax planning: There are a number of ways to prevent estate and gift taxes from eating away at your estate, and generation skipping is one of those. Dynasty trusts are also helpful as they allow wealth to be transferred from one generation to the next without incurring tax liabilities.

Revocable living trusts: A revocable living trust allows you to avoid probate costs while still retaining some control over your assets while you are alive. In essence, it’s a way of ensuring that your property makes it to your beneficiaries as intended while giving you the liberty to make changes to the trust.

Irrevocable trusts: Irrevocable trusts effectively remove property from your estate, decreasing its overall tax liability. Various types of irrevocable trusts can be used to avoid gift and estate taxes while securing assets against various risks.

Retirement benefit planning: It is vital to plan how retirement benefits and plans will work into your estate plan. Our attorneys can help you organize retirement benefits in a way that meshes well with your estate and asset protection planning.

Medicaid/Medicare trust planning: Medicaid benefits are available only to those who fall within a certain financial limit. Placing assets in a trust can help you qualify for Medicaid benefits as well as certain Medicare funding assistance plans.

Real estate trusts: Placing real estate in a trust is a complex process that must be well executed to be fully effective. However, if it is done correctly, it can protect your real estate against losses due to creditors or heavy estate taxes.

Will and powers of attorney planning: You want to make sure your will is perfectly clear and that power of attorney is given to someone you trust to carry out your wishes. Our attorneys can help you make sure these documents are legally efficacious and perfectly clear so as to avoid costly disputes.

To make sure each of these is properly taken care of and fitted into your estate plan, consult with one of our attorneys. Hart & David can assist you with the document drafting, trust structuring, succession planning, and other aspects involved in your estate planning strategy.

Asset Protection

In tandem with your estate planning strategies, which involve mostly mitigating the effects of taxes, asset protection is vital to keeping your wealth secure. At Hart & David, we provide you with a number of asset protection services, including:

– Tax exempt and charitable planning
– Assistance planning and structuring captive insurance companies
– Domestic asset protection services, including setting up trusts and FLPs
– Asset protection strategies for real estate owners and landlords
– Asset protection strategies for high-risk professions, including healthcare professionals
– International asset protection, including offshore trusts and corporate structures

In many cases, asset protection uses many of the elements involved in your estate plan, such as marital agreements and irrevocable trusts. These and other strategies can discourage lawsuits, ward off creditors, and keep your various assets and investments secure.

Asset Protection and Estate Planning Attorneys

Hart & David is Chicago’s resource for estate planning, asset protection, and other private client services. We are committed to providing you with a full range of legal services, including:

– Trust structuring and planning
– Document drafting
– Partnership and corporate formation
– Real estate asset protection
– Legal advising and counseling
– Representation in dispute resolution
– Tax planning strategies
– Estate planning strategies

Our services are tailored to your specific needs, allowing us to provide our legal assistance at a price that falls within your budget. We are proud to serve clients in Chicago and surrounding areas. To get started fulfilling your estate planning and asset protection needs, contact Hart & David today for a free consultation.

Litigation & Arbitration

In business, disputes happen, and when they do, they can cost your company thousands of dollars as court fees, lost time, delayed operations, and lower productivity take their toll. Disputes must therefore be handled as efficiently as possible. Hart & David helps Chicago-Metro clients overcome disputes with the best outcomes possible, whether you are an employee seeking compensation or a corporation looking to protect valuable investments.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Given how draining business disputes can be on company resources, people will often opt for alternative dispute resolution over litigation. This can take a number of forms, including arbitration, mediation, and conciliation, to name a few. The type of method used ultimately depends on the issue at hand, the parties involved, and the types of outcomes possible.

Arbitration: Arbitration may either be binding or, in rarer cases, non-binding. During the course of arbitration, a neutral arbitrator hears the evidence and arguments of the disputing parties and then reaches a verdict on their behalf.

Mediation: In mediation, a neutral mediator facilitates a discussion between two disputing parties. The mediator’s job is not to reach a decision on behalf of the parties, but simply to make suggestions on how the issue should be discussed. Ultimately, it is up to the involved parties to reach a decision.

Conciliation: Conciliation is like mediation except that the conciliator takes a more prominent role in reaching a decision. Nevertheless, he or she does not outright tell the conflicting parties what decision they should make.

Alternative dispute resolution generally costs less than litigation, though it may not always be as binding. Nevertheless, it has much higher odds of preserving valuable relationships while conserving company resources. Hart & David provides a variety of alternative dispute resolution services to our Chicago clients.

Commercial Litigation

When alternative dispute resolution is not possible or ideal, commercial litigation is the next option for companies. These types of proceedings can quickly drain your resources as they take time and money away from vital operations. Therefore, it is highly important for the dispute to be resolved quickly. In addition, area expertise is an absolute must, especially since a poorly handled litigation case can have drastic results for the parties involved.

There is more at stake in a lawsuit than simply who wins and loses. Your company’s reputation may be put on the line, and there may also be insurance ramifications. These cases must therefore be handled with careful strategy as well as prompt action. Having an experienced corporate litigator on your side is vital to success. At Hart & David, we can provide the legal advising and representation you need when facing commercial litigation.

Commodities, Futures, & Derivatives Litigation

The appeal of commodities and derivatives trading coupled with internet trading has led to an increase in trading fraud. Protecting yourself from fraud begins and ends with a sound understanding of the law and what dangers are out there. Hart & David provides litigation and dispute resolution services for those who have been wronged by brokers, futures commission merchants, commodity pool operators, and associated persons.

Futures fraud can take many forms. The types of litigation we can help you with include cases involving:

– Unauthorized trading
– Churning and unprofitable trading
– Nondisclosure
– Misrepresentation
– Misappropriation
– Wash sales
– Noncompetitive trading
– Accommodation trading
– Bucketing
– Failure to supervise representative
– Spoofing
– Breach of fiduciary duty
– Deceptive sales methods
– Use of misleading information
– Breach of contract

If you are an investor who has been wronged through futures and commodities fraud, you need a lawyer who has expertise in the area of securities trading laws and regulations. Hart & David can provide the help you need in getting the compensation you deserve.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property and proprietary information represents a large investment of time, thought, and money, and it gives you a vital edge over your competition. You need to protect it so as to preserve your edge and to continue to stand out from other companies. Otherwise, you may lose your place in the market and even come under legal attack if proprietary information is compromised.

Hart & David offers expertise with IP protection and litigation to clients whose intellectual property has become the center of a dispute. We can assist with protecting copyrighted materials, trademarks, patented information, trade secrets, and other forms of IP through litigation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution services. We can also help with taking preventative measures to ensure your IP is safely guarded in the future.

Healthcare Litigation

Healthcare institutions have been facing increasing numbers of lawsuits in recent years. This is due in part to the higher intensity of federal and state regulations on healthcare providers, medical supplies manufacturers, home hospice care providers, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and so forth. Since medicine is often associated with deep pockets, these institutions are often under attack by those who are seeking monetary reward.

Under HIPAA and other regulations, the chances of slipping up somewhere, somehow is fairly high, so keen legal expertise is needed to ensure compliance. In addition, other operational, financial, and governance issues can also place an institution at risk just as any corporation. Seeking the legal expertise provided by Hart & David is vital to healthcare providers and other institutions who need to safeguard against the numerous risks they face.

Labor & Employment

Numerous labor and employment laws are in place to protect the rights of employees. Those who have been wronged by their employers, such as through discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, etc., should seek the assistance of an attorney with thorough knowledge of federal and state labor regulations. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

At times, litigation is not always the best choice. In the case of a business facing labor or employment-related litigation, other forms of dispute resolution is preferred. In addition, employees may be at a severe disadvantage when making a lawsuit. The results of going to court may not necessarily be ideal for either party, which is why Hart & David provides alternative dispute resolution and litigation services for companies and employees throughout Chicago.

Litigation and Arbitration Services

Hart & David can help you work through disputes in a way that will best benefit you. To learn more or to get a free consultation, contact our attorneys today.

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Real estate transactions, management, development, and financing all involve a variety of regulatory and contractual issues. When making any kind of transaction, you need to be sure that everything is carried out within the limits of federal, state, and local laws. In addition, if you manage or lease property, operate within a community association, or develop land, you need to be well aware of your legal responsibilities and limitations.

Hart & David provides the legal advising you need for any of these operations, whether you are buying a home, leasing out office spaces, developing property, or working with real estate in any other way. We bring a strong past of real estate experience along with comprehensive legal knowledge, allowing us to provide general legal advising, document drafting and analysis, and skilled representation to our clients.

Residential Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is an involved process, and with good reason—real estate transactions represent high-cost, high-risk endeavors. For buyers and sellers alike, minimizing those risks means having a thorough understanding of the applicable laws and contractual ramifications involved in purchasing or selling a home. Given the complexity of the laws and documents involved, bringing on a lawyer to guide you through the process is not only wise, but vital.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Hart & David can assist you. We can examine and analyze documents, deeds, and agreements; represent you during negotiations; and handle dispute resolution should it become necessary.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions tend to be less reliant on governmental regulation than those involving residential properties. However, there is usually more of an emphasis on negotiations and contractual agreements, which makes the process of dealing in commercial property much more risky. Skilled legal advising is crucial to protecting your assets throughout transactions, negotiations, and operational processes.

Hart & David provides the legal counsel and representation you need to navigate the following successfully:

– Acquisition and disposition of property
– Securing commercial financing
– Directing/operating condominium and community associations
– Commercial leasing issues
– Property management issues
– Land use and development

Without the assistance of a commercial real estate attorney, you can easily find yourself in a variety of legal entanglements, whether those be with the government, a lessee, or some other entity. Our lawyers can assist you in minimizing liability and maintaining full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.


There are numerous forms of financing available for real estate investments, whether you are looking to buy a home, develop a plot of land, or finance a large project. However, it is important to keep in mind the possible ramifications and risks associated with commercial financing, including those involving contractual agreements and regulations.

– Financing is used for a variety of purposes, including:
– Funding acquisition of property
– Land development and subdivision
– Construction
– Refinancing
– Funding projects
– Preventing buyouts
– Acquiring assets or equipment
– Funding new investments

In many cases, your existing real estate holdings can be utilized to obtain financing needed for a large project or buyout. In addition, certain methods of financing can be used to protect your own property and assets. For example, a company seeking to prevent a takeover can use higher-risk, short-term financing to buy up their own shares, thus preventing other companies from taking them.

Naturally, the various forms of financing will each have their own unique laws, contracts, and documents associated with them. Analyzing these and ensuring that you minimize the risk involved in taking on financing is work best suited to a skilled attorney.

Zoning Laws

Zoning and land use laws will limit what you can do with a given piece of property within a certain jurisdiction. They are handled by the city, and you will therefore have to work with local governments when planning how you will use the land you own. In addition, certain ventures may involve federal government regulations, such as the Clean Air Act or the Endangered Species Act.

When obtaining the various permits and entitlements involved in developing land, you need to work through the proper channels. These are best navigated by a lawyer with experience in the area of zoning and land use laws. Each plot, project, and jurisdiction is unique, so customized legal services are a must. Hart & David provides those services to land developers and property owners throughout the Chicago-Metro area, whether you are in the city or in one of the surrounding suburbs.

In addition to meeting local zoning requirements, a land development project will also have to last through any disputes that may arise with neighboring landowners. Our attorneys provide the dispute resolution services you need to see a project through to completion.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At times, often due to some error in a document, real estate disputes occur. Whether it’s the result of a mistake within an agreement, a zoning law conflict, or a conflict of interest with surrounding real estate property owners, you need to involve a lawyer to help resolve the dispute. In many cases, these can be resolved outside of court through alternative dispute resolution procedures. Our attorneys can assist you with:

– Real estate litigation
– Arbitration
– Mediation
– Document analysis
– Due diligence
– General legal counsel

Of course, it’s best to avoid these disputes in the first place. In instances when they can’t be avoided, however, you need litigation specialists who can protect your assets and see you successfully through a conflict. Hart & David is here to provide the experience and skill needed to accomplish just that.

Skilled Real Estate Attorneys

Hart & David provides legal counseling and representation to clients in the city of Chicago and its surrounding areas. Individuals and entities we serve include:

– Homeowners
– Residential real estate buyers and sellers
– Companies with commercial real estate property
– Commercial landlords
– Managers of condominium and community associations
– Property managers
– Land developers

Our services include everything from analyzing documents; negotiating contracts and transactions; structuring and restructuring financial agreements; advising on regulatory and contractual compliance issues; general legal counsel on governance, managerial, and operational issues; and representation during disputes. To learn more about our real estate legal services or to request a free consultation, contact Hart & David today.

Personal Injury

Seeking compensation for personal injury is not an easy or simple process. There are numerous laws in place that add layers of nuance to every case, whether you are pursuing damages after an automobile accident or for medical malpractice. These laws affect when you can file a claim, who you can file it against, and what amounts you’ll be able to recover in damages.

Throughout this process, you need the guidance of skilled personal injury lawyers. Hart & David provides the expertise needed to successfully navigate the legal steps you need to take, all starting with a free consultation to discuss your case. Thorough and well executed investigation, financial analysis, negotiations, and representation are all key to your claim’s success, whether during settlement discussions or in court.

Our attorneys can help you through a variety of claims, including those involving vehicle accidents, workplace and property injuries, product liability, malpractice, and wrongful death, to name a few.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents occur frequently in Chicago and its surrounding areas, but not all of them involve car crashes. Some more serious accidents involve busses, boats, personal aircraft, motorcycles, and trains, to name a few. Determining liability in these cases is not always straightforward, as the driver who caused the accident may also be a victim of poor vehicle design or maintenance.

Hart & David evaluates vehicle accident cases and represents those who have suffered personal injury due to the neglectful operation, design, or manufacture of motor vehicles. Cases we can handle include:

– Car crashes and accidents
– Aircraft accidents
– Boating accidents
– Bus accidents
– Bicycle accidents
– Motorcycle accidents
– Accidents involving a corporate vehicle
– Train accidents
– Pedestrian accidents
– Truck and trailer accidents

For the legal assistance and representation you need in these cases, call Hart & David. We’ll get started by evaluating your case and investigating the root causes of the accident. After that, we can determine liability and help you pursue your claim.

Medical Mistakes

Mistakes in the medical field are more common than people usually like to think about. These can range from fairly harmless cases—such as easily reversible errors in minor procedures—to the bizarre and horrifying—including anesthesia awareness or leaving foreign objects in patients. These errors can have lasting effects on patients, including:

– Traumatic brain injury
– Birth injuries
– Spinal cord injuries
– Lifelong psychological damage
– Permanent disability
– General pain and suffering

An error in a medical procedure can result from medical malpractice. If you believe you have a malpractice claim, contact Hart & David as soon as possible to get the complex process of filing these claims underway.

Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury may result from failure to adhere to established safety protocols. If you are a victim of negligence in the workplace, and that negligence resulted in your injury, you’re entitled to monetary compensation.

– Common workplace-related accidents and injuries include:
– Hospital injuries
– Corporate vehicle accidents
– Falling and slipping
– Construction accidents
– Burn accidents

These can result in long-term disability, such as when the spinal cord or brain is injured. These make it difficult, if not impossible, to continue earning an income, so you may be due damages for lost wages. In addition, you can be compensated for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life.

Property Liability

Property owners have a duty to prevent hazards in their facilities, whether that means cleaning up spills promptly, repairing cracks or holes in the ground, or maintaining security. If you are injured on someone else’s property while a guest there, and if that injury was due to the property owner’s negligence, you can recover damages. Common property liability situations we handle at Hart & David include:

– Slips and falls
– Burn injuries
– Inadequate security and resultant assaults
– Dog bites
– Swimming pool accidents
– Broken stairs, elevators, or escalators
– Construction accidents

To qualify as a premises liability case, the property owner must have owed you a duty of care (i.e. had a duty to make sure you were safe on their property) and been neglectful in fulfilling that duty. To determine whether your case qualifies as a premises liability claim, contact our attorneys as soon as possible.

Product Liability

Cars, bikes, children’s toys, car seats, cleaning products, machinery, and other products need to designed and produced in a way that ensures their safe use. If there is any neglect along the line from design to manufacture to marketing, a case of product liability might arise. Product liability cases could involve the following:

– Burn injuries
– Automobile accidents
– Failure to adhere to design standards
– Errors in manufacturing
– Failure to provide adequate usage instructions and warning labels

Pursuing a product liability claim is not only important to securing the compensation you deserve for your injuries, but also for protecting others from the same painful results of using defective products. Let our attorneys get you the compensation you need and help protect the public by handling your product liability claim.

Wrongful Death

When accidents due to neglect or property/product defects result in the death of a loved one, the party responsible becomes liable for wrongful death. Wrongful death charges are serious civil cases that require extensive legal expertise to pursue effectively. Part of the difficulty of these cases is proving negligence on the part of those responsible, not to mention pinning down exactly who is responsible for the accident in the first place.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a profoundly sorrowful process, so let our attorneys shoulder some of the burden. We can help you get the compensation you need to handle the expenses that come with the loss of a loved one.

Seeking Legal Help

At Hart & David, our attorneys have handled numerous personal injury claims and successfully recovered millions in damages for our clients. The process begins with a consultation in which we assess your claim and determine the best course of action. From there, we investigate the particulars of your case and use financial analysis to determine who is at fault and how much you are owed in damages.

Our attorneys are skilled, aggressive negotiators who can get you the maximum amount of compensation possible, whether that’s during settlement negotiations or in court. To learn more or get a free consultation, contact Hart & David today.

Workers Compensation

Illinois law supports the rights of individuals who have been injured on the job by means of workers’ compensation regulations. Workers’ comp benefits provide you with the financial support you need when recovering from an injury, but only if you can convince your employer’s insurance provider that your injury is severe enough to restrict your ability to work. To be done successfully, you need the legal support of a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

Hart & David takes on the task of negotiating these settlements on your behalf. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of seeking workers’ comp benefits, take the actions needed to defend your rights, and advocate your cause with skill and devotion. We have a stellar track record, having secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, so give our attorneys a call as soon as possible after suffering a workplace injury.

Compensation Types

Workers’ compensation provides a number of benefits to individuals who have been injured on the job. Among these benefits are coverage for medical expenses, disability, and lost income, each of which is explained in more detail below:

Medical expenses: Under Illinois law, you can see up to two doctors of your choice and have the expenses covered by workers’ compensation. However, this only applies if your employer does not have a Preferred Provider Program (PPP). If they do, you can choose either their preferred provider or one of your own. Workers’ comp can also cover the costs of medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and physicians your chosen doctor refers you to.

Income differential: If you end up working at a lower paying job as a result of a work injury, you can opt to have some of the difference paid to you through workers’ compensation. However, if you receive an income differential, you won’t be able to get disability benefits.

Temporary total disability: When you miss work because of an injury, you can be paid for the days you miss after three days’ time. After 14 days, the first three days are then paid. You can receive temporary total disability while recovering from work injuries.

Permanent partial disability: If your injury has rendered you unable to continue working in your current line of employment, but you could still work at some other job, you could qualify for partial permanent disability. PPD pays out an amount of 2/3 your current weekly income for a number of weeks. The duration of these benefits depends on the severity of your injury.

Permanent total disability: Like permanent partial disability, PTD awards monthly payment for up to 2/3 your weekly income. However, unlike PPD, PTD can last for life. This type of disability benefit is reserved for those who are completely and permanently unable to work due to a work injury.

Disfigurement: Disfigurement works in a similar way to disability, with scars and visual signs of your injury allowing you to receive benefits for a number of weeks based on their severity. The number of weeks is determined through negotiation with your employer’s insurance company.

To avoid paying as much as they should, your employer and their insurance company will often try to downplay the severity of your injury to either reach a lower settlement or deny you benefits altogether. To prevent this from happening, Hart & David’s skilled attorneys represent you during settlement negotiations and guide you through the process. We can help with a variety of work injuries, including those that occur in construction, hospital work, the office, or shipping.

Construction Workers Injury

Hart & David assists those who are injured while working in construction. Given the hazards inherent in this line of work, it’s important to know what you’re entitled to as an employee. Your employer has the responsibility to pay workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured on the job, and you need to make sure they are held to that responsibility. This is where our attorneys come in.

Commonly, construction workers suffer back injuries from the constant strain of their employment. In addition, accidents are a real possibility, including trips, falls, and machinery accidents. Third parties may be involved in the accident, meaning you could recover damages for personal injury in addition to workers’ comp benefits. To learn more about how we can help you through the process of recovering benefits for your construction injury, contact our attorneys ASAP.

Hospital Workers Injury

Hospital injuries are surprisingly common, their frequency rivaling those in manufacturing and other high labor jobs. The perils of working in a hospital are compounded when long hours and fatigue take their toll, making the odds of injury much higher. Hospital injuries can occur in the form of needle sticks, slips and falls, exposure to infectious diseases, and musculoskeletal injury.

If you have been injured while performing your duties as a nurse, doctor, orderly, assistant, or in any other medical role, don’t try to shrug it off and move on. Your  injury could diminish your ability to help your patients, and you deserve compensation. Hart & David can help you by negotiating a favorable settlement and ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.

Office Workers Injury

Office work often results in repeated stress injuries, especially to the wrist and back. People might not consider sitting at a desk all day to be dangerous, but over time, it can strain areas of your body and lead to debilitating injuries.

Our attorneys can help you through the process of proving your claim and seeking the compensation you deserve for medical expenses and diminished work ability resulting from injuries sustained in the office. It doesn’t matter how small your injury seems now—contact our attorneys as promptly as possible.

Shipping Workers Injury

Shipping and trucking comes with obvious perils, including vehicle crashes, falling objects, and machine accidents. In addition, the constant strain of lifting and moving heavy objects can result in back injuries and other ailments. Hart & David is here to support your rights in the event that you suffer an injury while working in shipping, so contact us today for the legal assistance you need.

Obtaining Compensation

Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits begins with an assessment from your doctor. If they deem you unable to work, or if they place restrictions on you due to an injury, you can seek benefits from your employer. Hart & David is here to ensure you are treated fairly and favorably as we negotiate a large settlement from your employer’s insurance. We have seen massive success in helping Chicago residents obtain workers’ compensation, so you can count on our attorneys for the help you need. Contact Hart & David today for a free consultation.

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